Ayurveda Powder preparation for mouth gargle

Herbal Powder For Mouth wash 


1.bleeding gums 

2.Ulcerated gums

3.Pyorrhoea alveolaris


5.Alveolar abscess

6.Gum boils

7.Discoloured gums

8.Foul smell from mouth

9.severe pain of gums

10.Coated tongue

11.Collection of debris at the root of teeth


1.Shunt-hi (Zingiber officinal)

2.Triphala (Terminal chebula,Terminal billerica, ,Efmblica officinal)

3.Musta (Cyperus rotund-us)

4.Sarshapa (Mustard seeds)

5.Rasanjana (Decoction of Berberis aristata boiled with milk to a semisolid paste)

Procedure of preparation

Mix all above ingredients properly in a vessel or using mortar &pessel 


Dissolve 1 teaspoon of powder in half glass of hot water and fill it in mouth or gargle for two to three minutes and then spit it out

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