Nasya Karma

Nasya is a Panchakarma therapeutic procedure. Nasya name itself  suggests that it is related to nose. Medicines are instilled through the nasal cavity .

nasyaMainly Indicated and very effective in the diseases of head and neck. Nasal cavity is connected to the structures of head. It is therapeutic door to the head.  When medicine is applied through nasal cavity, the qualities, potency  (veerya) and active principles of drug directly spreads to the pathways of Para nasal sinuses, naso-lacrimal duct to the eye, naso-pharynx to the throat,Eustacian tube to the middle ear,middle ear to the intracranial spaces.

 Medicine applied reaches all these areas and it’s the royal path and royal treatment for head and neck diseases.As nose is considered as gateway of the head, the therapy is highly effective, ,if performed systematically. The therapy cleanses and opens the channels(srotas) of head. But it can be done in many other conditions which affects the structures other than head, as head is the center for all the central nervous as well as other functions controlled by brain.

Therapeutic purpose of nasya

Cleansing and Purification, Nourishment, Stimulation, Strengthening

Importance of nasya karma

Best method to eliminate vitiated doshas and obstructions in the channels of head immediately and instantly, influence the sense organs like ear,nose,eye ,absorption through blood vessels and mucous membrane, nourishing, pacifying and purifying effects according to the type of nasya and medicines used depending on our diagnosis in Prasadini ayurnikethana.

Actions of nasya

In prasadini ayurnikethana we have observed the following actions after long period of observation.-Stimulation of the vital centres,Nourishing the tissues,Clearing the channels,Absorption through nasal mucosa is quiet rapid,Remove congestion,Correcting the neuro-vascular anomalies,Improves oxygenation etc.

Benefits of nasya karma

  • Enhance the activity of sense organs(Indriya Vaimalya)
  • preventive therapy against diseases of head region.(Urdhwa jatrugata Roga shamana)
  • Prevent early aging process
  • Ensures proper and healthy growth of hair.
  • Highly effective in phthalmic diseases,different kind of headaches,paralysis,mental diseases,neurological diseases,premature graying of hairs etc.
  • relieves stress and emotional imbalance
  • preventive therapy,curative therapy or rejuvenation therapy.
  • For power of Sense organs in head and to stimulate central nervous system.

Ophthalmic diseases like retinopathy,age related macular degeneration etc.Neurological diseases of brain origin like paralysis (hemiplegia,stroke),Diseases of neck like cervical spondylitis,,Insomnia, Headaches of various origin like migraine,sinusitis etc., loss of smell(anosmia experienced after many viral fevers also) and loss of taste,Psychiatric diseases like anxiety,depression ,lack of concentration etc.


If head is not sufficiently bent Nasya dravya will not enter the head, If patient talk,sneeze,laughs or get angry or excessively moves head while doing procedure,the nasya medicine won’t reach expected site , Don’t take bath during Nasya procedure


Avoid exposure to dust,sun,breeze,Avoid drinking cold water, Avoid head bath, Avoid excessive walking, Exposure to cold- fan,AC,Face wash with cold water


  1. What is Nasya in Ayurveda?
    The beneficial drugs administered through nose are known as Nasya.
  2. Why is it beneficial through nose?
    Nose is considered as the gateway of head in Ayurveda. Therefore drugs administered Nasya acts on all parts of head.Nasya KramaNasya KramaNasya Krama
  3. In which cases generally it is beneficial?
    It is beneficial in problems related with eyes, nose, throat, ears and head.
  4. Which are the specific uses of nasya?
    1. It prevents premature greying of hairs of scalp and beard.
    2. It prevents early hair fall.
    3. It cures Peenasa (chronic sinusitis).
    4. It is very effective in Ardhavabhedaka (migraine) , Shirakampa (Parkinsonism), cervical Spondylitis.
    5. It strenthens tendons and ligaments of scalp
    6. It nourishes facial and vocal organs.
    7. Increases sensory perception.
    8. Prevents pathological manifestations above the neck.
    9. It strengthens jaw, teeth, head, neck, Sternoclavicular joints, arm. Shoulders.

Navana Nasya
Administered by instilling the drops of a medicated oil or Ghee.

  1. Snehana Nasya
    Gives strength to all the Dhatu’s and acts as nourishment to tissues.
  2. Shodhana Nasya
    Oil prepared by Pippali(Piper longum),Shigru( drumstick leaves-Moringa oleifera ) are used.Nasya Krama


Eliminates vitiated Doshas.

Indication of oil in Shodhana Nasya

  1. Emaciated
  2. Weak
  3. Anxious
  4. Delicate individuals
  5. Females
  6. Drugs in the form of Paste or Decoction are used in other cases.

Avapida NasyaNasya Krama

  1. Drugs used in this are in the form of expressed juice of leaves or paste.
  2. It is a type of Shirovirechana, expelling the vitiated entities from head region.
  3. For Shodhana purpose, drugs like Table salt, Piper longum are used.
  4. For Stambhana purpose, Sugar, Milk, Ghee, Sugarcane(Saccharum officinarum) juice are used.

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