About Prasadini

Prasadini Ayurnikethana

‘If you feel your body and mind is calling you towards a healthy and happy living, you are in a right place’.

PrasadiniWe all have a body and mind which is a beautiful gift from the nature. Beauty of our life depends on how well we nourish them and maintain them. But often, several factors in our life affects our health and thus our wellbeing. No one can escape from diseases and associated pain but anybody can choose to heal themselves from such sufferings.

Ayurveda is an ancient science which plays an important role in preventing and curing a disease by focusing on several factors like body nature (Prakrithi) and genotype of a person, the type and stage of the disease, food and lifestyle of the person etc. The diagnosis and treatment protocols of that are described in ayurveda include several materials and concepts, most of which are beyond our sensory perception and modern rationalistic thinking.

We believe health is the greatest wealth. To attain the ultimate health goals or to be free from ‘dis-ease’ and move towards ‘ease’ in life we at Prasadini Ayurnikethana choose a holistic approach by integrating different therapies which activates and supports body’s natural healing system. Healing is not just eliminating symptoms of the disease but it deals with identifying the root cause of the disease and eliminating it altogether. With that belief, along with authentic ayurveda treatment and medications, our treatment also involves guidance towards modification of lifestyle which includes correcting eating habits, making right food choices, correcting exercise routine and including spiritual practices to experience a balanced, harmonious and a healthy state of mind and body.

Prasadini Ayurnikethana is the right place for you to experience the authentic ayurveda services and heal yourself holistically to achieve wellness. We offer all kinds or Ayurveda Treatments for various ailments such as Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Parkinson’s disease, Autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis, chronic conditions of sinusitis and migraine, PCOD, non-surgical treatments for nasal polyps, haemorrhoids and piles, sciatica etc.

The centre is well equipped with instruments and materials required for ayurvedic treatments. All treatments and medications are given by experienced physicians, procedures are implemented by trained paramedical staffs and therapists. Combinations of medicines and therapies are selected as per the condition and stage of the disease and patient under the light of ayurvedic classical textual references and innovative practical experience supported by research. The therapies are tailored or personalized as per the condition of individual so as to provide complete healing experience. We also follow a Satvic (pious) food regimen in the centre which is helpful for the bodily wellness and mental peace.

The centre is registered under Ayush category, under Medical Establishment Act under Health and Family Welfare Services, Karnataka, India. Prasadini Ayurnikethana aims to provide authentic ayurvedic treatments to the patients worldwide which is enriched with essence of inner science which carries a fragrance of bliss transferred by our ancestors.

Who runs Prasadini Ayurnikethana?

Prasadini Ayurnikethana was founded by Dr. Raghavendra Prasad Bangaradka, a doctor practicing Ayurveda since last 20 years. In 2020 he started his new centre of service, Prasadini Ayurnikethana Ayurveda Hospital and therapy centre with the aim of healing people holistically by following Ayurvedic principles, procedures and safe and cost-effective medications. Dr. Prasad is a dedicated Ayurveda practitioner, motivational speaker and an excellent educator who reaches thousands of people belonging to different sector through his talks and sessions in social media and also through mass media. He emphasises more on prevention of diseases and healing diseases right from its root cause and with that he helps thousands of people live disease free healthy life.


Prasadini Ayurnikethana is located in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka. The location is 60 minutes journey of about 70 km distance from Mangalore (Bajpe) international airport. Our centre is built in a silent locality of Narimogaru, a small village that is located in outskirts of Puttur city of Dakshina Kannada. It is easily accessible and conveniently located with just 10 minutes’ drive from Puttur city along the Puttur – Subrahmanya state highway.