Hospital:  Prasadini Ayurnikethana has an easy access by road and situated in a calm and silent locality, away from the chaos of the city.

At Prasadini Ayurnikethana we offer both inpatient and outpatient services. Both departments are equipped with modern facilities. Different treatment modules are developed and designed by our physicians. The hospital also has a comfortable waiting area with centralised music system, a minor OT for Ayurveda para-surgical procedures like Ksharakarma for piles, Ksharasutra for fistula etc., Panchakarma therapy room, Pharmacy and a Yoga Hall.  CCTV surveillance is available in all common areas. Wi-Fi facility is provided on request.

We have round the clock availability of experienced Doctors, nursing staffs, well-trained male and female therapists and dedicated housekeeping staff.

Spacious and well-ventilated rooms are available offering comfortable stay for the patients and their attendants. Each room is provided with writing table, chair and a cupboard with safe locker.

All the rooms have attached toilet and bathroom with running hot & cold-water supply.

We provide a complete laundry service from washing and pressing to dry cleaning at nominal rates.

According to Ayurveda food is the medicine. It says eating the right food at the right time in the right quantity with the right state of mind is key to achieve good health.

At Prasadini Ayurnikethana we serve Sattvic food that brings positive vibrations in the body, contributing to peaceful state of mind. The personalised, balanced and healthy vegetarian cuisine that we serve is prepared based on the Ayurvedic principles and mainly includes Indian, regional and traditional dishes. We always serve freshly cooked food at every meal service.

Our doctors, nutritionists and trained culinary specialists join together to create diet plans that is appropriate for lifestyle, body type and disease condition of the patients and with that we ensure that the diet compliments the treatment process. Also, the patients will be provided with a detailed diet and nutrition counselling so as to experience the benefits of a healthy and nutritious diet for a longer, sustained period of time.

We give a lot of importance to emotional and spiritual well-being of our patients which is an essential part of health and very crucial to the healing process. A number of relaxing activities like reading, music, Yoga, Meditation and daily Satsang is an important part of their days at Prasadini Ayurnikethana.

We believe reading good books is part of anyone’s healing journey. Thus, we encourage our patients to spend their leisure with some good books. We at Prasadini Ayurniketha have a small library that is loaded with a number of books belonging to various genres like spiritual, medical, self-help and fictions.

Ayurveda as a pure life science describes the various treatment methods which heals our body holistically.

Daivavyapashraya chikitsa or no drug therapy is one such form of treatments, roots of which can be traced up to the Vedic era. Daivavyapashraya is a kind of faith therapy mainly used in the management of both physical and mental ailments. The word “Daiva” has got various meanings such as one which is invisible, relating to gods, produced by fate and Karma and the word Daivavyapashraya is used for the management of diseases or conditions where its cause is not known or has deeply connected with the Karma.

The mode of action of this treatment is beyond our perception and the scope of reasoning. But as per recent studies and publications, it appears to have definite role to play in healing, managing and preventing ailments, by inducing confidence, removing the fear and by inducing the disciplined life style. So, we at Prasadini Ayurnikethana plan a customised Daivavyapashraya chikitsa which may include Homa/Hawan, Mantra chanting, fasting etc. as per patients need and demand.