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Pindi or Kavalika or Gundana

Pindi or Kavalika or Gundana is the procedure or Ayurveda therapy wherein the medicines or medicated pastes are packed in a thick cotton cloth and…
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Vidalaka is a procedure or Ayurveda therapy in which medicated paste is applied over the outer surface of whole eyelids except the eyelashes. There are…
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Seka or Parisheka

Seka or Parisheka is the procedure of pouring of the medicated liquids, prepared from combinations of selected drugs mentioned in classical Ayurveda texts and experience…
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Tarpana Therapy

Tarpana is a procedure of pouring a medicated ghee or other medicated substances upon the eyes, decided by Ayurveda physician as directed by classical Ayurveda…
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Prasadini Ayurnikethana

We at Prasadini Ayurnikethana, prepare natural medicines from herbs and minerals, body cleansing procedures like Panchakarma therapy, mind purification path of yoga and meditation are in the mainstream, smoothening body, mind and soul.

Prasadini Ayur Nikethana, under the guidance of our director and chief physician Dr.Raghavendra Prasad Bangaradka, M.D.(Ayu), owes 20+ years of experience in the field of Ayurveda and spirituality.

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