Gairikadi Gutikanjana

You may be searching for a best treatment for Allergic Conjunctivitis or best ayurveda treatment for red eye or ayurveda therapy in India for allergic eye conditions.

The answer is Gairikadi Gutikanjana. We in our Prasadini Ayurnikethana Ayurveda Hospital observed the outcome of using this in allergic eye conditions ,significantly reduced itching, Watering, reddish discolouration in many of the patients. You may be interested to know how to prepare this medicine and can use as home remedy also.

Reference: Sushrutha Samhitha, 9th chapter, 15th Verse


Gairika– 1 Part (Red Ochre or mixture of oxide of iron and Silicate of Alumina). It is used after purification by frying with ghee.

Saindhava- Salt or Sodium chloride- 2 parts

Pippali- 4 parts (Piper longum or long pepper)

Shunthi- 8 parts (Zingiber officinale or ginger)

Method of preparation:

All the above ingredients are taken in powdered form and kept ready in separate bowls. Take one by one putting into pestle and sufficient quantity of water. Grind well for proper mixing of all the ingredients. When it attains a semisolid consistency after grinding, prepare pills of proper sizes.  Keep in drier or sunlight for proper drying. After drying stored in an airtight container.


Used in Vataja Abhishyanda or any other Vataja eye diseases, especially in Allergic Conjunctivitis. Patients are benefitted in cases of red eye, itching of eyes, Watering from eyes, allergic reactions to pollen and mould spores, dust, animal dander, chemical scents, detergents, perfumes, medicated eye drops. Chronic allergic conjunctivitis may be associated with burning, itching of eyes, light sensitivity, feeling of grittiness, swollen eyelids, puffy eyes in the morning.

Method of Use:

Can be used by rubbing pills with honey or water to make it a paste and applied over the inner aspect of lower eyelids as collyrium (Anjana as mentioned in Ayurveda)

Why this is better remedy than allopathic medication?

This removes the root causes of disease by alleviating all the doshas from the eyes. This is very effective as the cleansing of the eyes are concerned. There are no any adverse effects or side effects as other allopathic drugs like steroid medications.Steroid medications in the long run is important cause of glaucoma damaging the vision permanently. But Gairikadi Gutikanjana prevents recurrence without any harmful effects to the eyes.

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