Pindi or Kavalika or Gundana

Pindi or Kavalika or Gundana is the procedure or Ayurveda therapy wherein the medicines or medicated pastes are packed in a thick cotton cloth and are kept tightly kept over the eyelids.

PindiUseful in:

  1. Early stages of all eye diseases
  2. More effective in early conjunctivitis
  3. Inflammatory features of eyes
  4. Inflammation of eyes due to trauma
  5. Wounds or injuries of eyes
  6. Nonspecific prior symptoms of eye diseases
  7. Burning sensation in eyes
  8. Watering from eyes
  9. for the prevention of eye infections
  10. Night blindness
  11. Nodular swellings of eyelids or margins of eyelids.
  12. Viral or bacterial infections of eyes
  13. Visual disturbances

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