Tarpana Therapy

This is a procedure of pouring a medicated ghee or other medicated substances upon the eyes, decided by Ayurveda physician as directed by classical Ayurveda texts based on condition of the patient and disease. A frame of black gram is firmly fixed surrounding eye. After a specific duration medicine is removed from eyes.

TarpanaIndicated and effective in following conditions;

  1. Visual disturbances like blurring of vision
  2. Dry eye conditions
  3. Allergic conditions of eyes
  4. Hardened painful eyelids
  5. Damaged eyelashes
  6. Structural deformities like squint
  7. Difficulty in movement of eyelids
  8. Disease due to injuries
  9. Conjunctivitis
  10. Computer vision syndrome
  11. Irritation of eyes caused by excessive use of mobiles or computers

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