Vidalaka is a procedure or Ayurveda therapy in which medicated paste is applied over the outer surface of whole eyelids except the eyelashes.

There are different and many combinations of Ayurveda drugs and thickness of the application are decided by the stage, condition and Ayurveda diagnosis of the disease.

VidalakaPatient is strictly instructed to avoid

  1. Excessive speaking, jokes, anger, grief, weeping etc.
  2. Wandering under the sun
  3. Day sleep

Useful in:

  1. Burning sensation of eyes
  2. Discharges from eyes
  3. Excessive tearing from eyes
  4. Swelling of eyes
  5. Redness or congestion in eyes
  6. Different types of pain in eyes
  7. Scratching like sensation or itching in eyes
  8. Foreign body sensation in eyes

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