Seka or Parisheka

Seka or Parisheka is the procedure of pouring of the medicated liquids, prepared from combinations of selected drugs mentioned in classical Ayurveda texts and experience of Ayurveda physician. Combinations of medicines are selected based on the desired action like healing, nourishment or scraping, in a particular disease as diagnosed by Ayurveda.

SekaIndicated and effective in following conditions:

  1. Pain in eyes
  2. Blurring of vision or diminished vision
  3. Conjunctivitis
  4. Redness of eyes as sign of infection or inflammation
  5. Burning sensation of eyes
  6. Traumatic condition or injuries of eyes
  7. Discomfort in eyes
  8. Heaviness of eyelids or eyes
  9. Computer vision syndrome
  10. Irritation of eyes caused by excessive use of mobiles or computers


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