Kayakalpa – Detoxification Package

Detoxification, is a process that involves removing or neutralizing toxic substances from the body. The cells are tissues of our body continuously produce free radicles as by-products of normal metabolic reaction or as a result of cellular defense mechanisms. Such free radicles in turn harm and damage our system at cellular levels and lead to the aging process and number of diseases in the body.

However, a healthy and perfectly maintained body has its own natural mechanisms for detoxification, primarily carried out by organs such as the liver, kidneys, skin, lungs, and digestive system. These organs work together to eliminate waste products and toxins, maintaining a balance in the internal environment.

But in recent times, the changing climate, environment and our own unhealthy lifestyle and eating choices overwhelm these natural processes and bring some imbalances in our body and mind. Also, over consumption of substances like alcohol and smoking and use of certain drugs and medications for prolonged period of time can strain the liver and other organs of our body that is involved in detoxification process. As a result, it is high time for us to choose detoxification therapies to support or enhance the body’s ability to eliminate toxins.

Ayurveda, an ancient system of traditional medicine that originated in India, includes various detoxification therapies aimed at promoting balance and eliminating toxins from the body. Ayurvedic detox therapies are designed to cleanse the body, restore harmony, and enhance overall well-being.

DetoxificationWhy Detoxification Program?

  • The primary objective of the program is to remove toxins from the body, which can improve overall health and well being.
  • The program aims to enhance the body’s natural detoxification process and boost energy levels, vitality and improving overall health.
  • The detoxification process is also known to promote mental clarity and focus, which can improve productivity, overall well being and quality of life.
  • Toxins in the body can lead to number of chronic diseases, obesity and difficulty losing weight. By removing toxins and improving overall health, our program aims to reduce the risk of these conditions in long run.

What are the benefits of natural detoxification?

  • Our body is exposed to a variety of pollutants and toxins in our environment and then through the diet that is high in processed food, sugars and unhealthy fats we accumulate toxins in our body tissues and organs. A regular detox can cleanse our system and support the body’s natural detox organs and processes.
  • Strengthens immune system and increases overall health and wellness.
  • It can slow down the aging process by reversing the effects of oxidative damage to the tissues and cells.
  • Detoxification therapies address issues of fatigue, sluggishness, or general malaise.
  • Benefits people who have suffered recent illness or had undergone medical treatment and want to boost their own natural healing process.
  • Regular detoxification can prevent conditions like cancer, metabolic disorders like diabetes and also chronic conditions of hair fall, hives, skin and gut issues.
  • If an individual is planning for weight loss, it is always beneficial to go for a detox plan prior going for a weight loss program.
  • Also, regular detoxification followed that is conducted as per ayurvedic way can convert ‘incurable’ to ‘curable’.
  • Detox is must to promote and maintain physical and mental wellness which brings blissfulness to life.

Methodology for natural detoxification

The detoxification process at Prasadini Ayurnikethana begins with an initial consultation with Ayurveda expert doctor either through online or offline mode. The appointments may be booked either through this site or through WhatsApp.

The doctor will evaluate your medical condition, lifestyle and overall health. Based on the evaluation report, a personalized detoxification program will be designed that may include various classical ayurveda therapies, nutrition therapy, yoga and meditation to detox body and mind.

The therapies like Abhyanga, Bashpasweda, Sarvanga Dhara, Shastika Shali Pindasweda, Udvartana, Shirobasti, Sarvanga Sweda and the classical treatment procedure called Panchakarma may be followed for detoxification. Panchakarma is an Ayurvedic detoxification program that involves five steps: Vamana (emesis therapy), Virechana (purgation therapy), Basti (enema therapy), Nasya (nasal therapy), and Raktamokshana (bloodletting therapy). All the above-mentioned therapies are very effective in removing all kids of toxins from the body and promoting overall health and wellness.

Based on your body requirement and as per doctors’ suggestion, suitable steps of panchakarma and other ayurvedic procedures and a perfect nutrition regimen, herbal formulations and the total number of days required for the complete program will be planned by our experts, thus tailoring a personalized detox plan for you.

After complete detoxification, Rasayana (herbal medicines that has the quality of rejuvenation) drugs are suggested according to the condition of the individual. Also, our doctor will provide follow-up care to ensure that you continue to maintain optimal health and wellness. This may include guidance on lifestyle, nutrition care and continued use of herbal formulations to maintain optimum health.

Kayakalpa – Body Purification/detoxification for rejuvenation and wellness

Charges: Rs.5000/- per day

Package includes

  • Doctors’ consultation
  • Ayurveda therapy charges.
  • Medicines and oils used for the treatment procedures
  • Three meals (Sathvik, pure vegetarian diet) and herbal drinks and juices as per the detox plan.
  • Accommodation (Non-A/C double/ single occupancy room with 24 hours hot water supply.)
  • Sessions on healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and healing.
  • Yoga, Pranayama and meditation sessions.
  • Room services and nursing services.
  • Access to Wi-Fi.

Reservation Criteria

We are deeply concerned with quality of classical Ayurveda therapies and services we provide. We take limited number of individuals each month to meet this purpose. Therefore, its necessary to confirm your participation by reserving therapeutic packages at least two weeks in advance.

The 50% of the total package charges must be paid in advance while booking your packages. The remaining 50% charges can be paid on the first day of the treatments before starting therapies.