Poorvakarma or preparatory procedure:

All the doshas which took shelter in the chest,abdomen (Kosta),tissues(Dhatus),different channels (Srotas),limbs(arms,legs),bones, are drenched and softened by ayurveda oil massage (abhyanga) and snehapana (consumption of snehadravyas like ghee.The word Asthi (bones) here indicates doshas situated in Madhyama Roga marga,tissues of Middle pathway of disease according to ayurveda classical texts.”Srotoleena” means the particular therapy is efficacious in removing  doshas deeprooted in deeper channels of the body .

Prasadini-VirechanaThe vitiated doshas are melted and liquified by fomentation (swedana procedure) and flow towards abdomen,ultimately to the gastrointestinal tract (kosta).From there doshas are expelled out by ayurvedic  Vamana therapy or Virechana therapy. .

(ref :ASTANGA HRUDAYAM.Sutrasthana.chapter 17/29 shloka )

Here, Now, lets understand virechana .

“Doshaharana “ from “Adhobhaga” is virechana.Cleansing procedure by expelling harmful entities or doshas from lower part of gastrointestinal tract i.e;anal route by purgation is called as Virechana Therapy.

Indications for virechana:

  1. Gulma(distension of abdomen due mass with features of pain abdomen caused by doshas in the Gastrointestinal tract)
  2. Arsha (haemorrhoids or piles)
  3. skin diseases like Visphota ,Vyanga etc.(causing rashes,blisters in skin)
  4. Kamala (jaundice of various origins)
  5. Jeerna jwara (fever of old history with chronicity)
  6. Udara (ascites)
  7. Gara (toxins in the body)
  8. eye diseases like blurring of vision(timira),abhishyanda(conjunctivitis)
  9. yoniroga (gynecological disorders) and shukraroga(related with male infertility)
  10. intestinal worma (krimi)
  11. Vataraktha( gout)
  12. constipation
  13. Mutraghata (retention of urine)
  14. unmada (psychiatric disorders)
  15. kasa,shwasa (asthama.chronic cough)
  16. Kostagata Roga ( diseases seated in chest and abdomen)


Without doing snehana and swedana procedure virechana therapy will cause harm.

virechana-prasadiniBenefits:( Ref: Astanga Hrudaya.Sutrasthana 18th chapter/ 59& 60 shloka)

In our Prasadini Ayurnikethana Ayurveda hospital in Narimogaru,Putturu,Karnataka,India we ,after treating many number of Indian and Forein patients ,observed following benefits which are mentioned in ayurveda classical texts

  1. By oleation and fomentation therapy the “Mala’s”or harmful entities are made to expel from the body like dirt with water is sqeezed out from cloth during wash.
  2. Buddhi Prasada ( illumination or sharpening of intellect)
  3. Indriya Bala(increases strength of all organs)
  4. Dhatu Sthiratwa ( Stable and strong tissues)
  5. Jwalana Deepthi ( increases digestive fire.improves appetite and digestion)
  6. “Chirat vayasa pakam”(delays ageing process by removing free radicals and toxins which cause damage to telomeres in the genetic materials of the nucleus of the cells)

But these procedures should be done by a ayurveda Vaidya or experienced ayurveda doctor who knows indications,method and dosages .The treating Vaidya must know proper combinations of drugs used in this therapy.The drug combinations or Oushadha yogas are selected based on the Doshas involved in a particular disease.Prasadini Ayurnikethana is the centre where self prepared  genuine drug combinations are used.

If internal medications are given after performing this therapy the drugs will act properly and with full potency.It is like pouring milk in a cleaned vessel.Our body is like a vessel to be cleaned by cleansing procedures like this before administration of ayurveda medicines.But in a some conditions without doing Shodhana like virechana also medicines will be given depending on condition decided by doctor.In  our Prasadini ayurnikethana ayurveda hospital ,in some occasions without oleation and fomentation also Virechana is  done,which is called as “Sadyo virechana”in ayurveda classical texts,used as an immediate or emergency procedure for immediate effect.

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