Alzheimer’s -Ayurveda Management

Alzheimer’s disease


Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common causes of dementia

  • It is progressive and chronic neurodegenerative disease causes brain cell death.
  • onset is slow and worsen with time.

   The earliest symptoms are mild forgetfulness and confusion

  • later on worsen and the affected get lost in familiar places and forget conversa-tions.
  • affects the thinking, reasoning, decision-making, mood and behavioral changes.


  • The exact cause of the disease is not ascertained but it is believed to be
caused due to genetics and

lifestyle and environmental factors.

  • The associated risk factors are head injury, depression or hypertension.
  • In the pathology of the disease there is association of amyloid plaques (dense, insoluble clumps of protein fragments) in the hippocampus (part of brain involved with memory, including how short-term memories are stored into long-term memo-ries) and neuro fibrillary tangles [insoluble, twisted fibers made from threads of Tau protein (responsible for stability of micro tubule network of neuron) that clog the brain from the inside out] in the brain.


  • The earliest symptoms is difficulty in remembering recent events (short-term memory loss).
  • As the disease progress there is problems with language, disorientation (including easily getting lost), mood swings, loss of motivation, not managing self care, and behavioral issues.(short-term memory loss).

Stages of Alzheimer’s disease

early stage of Alzheimer’s

  • there are episodes of forgetfulness (Forgets names of family or friends) and
  • confusion ,unfamiliar situations.
  • These changes are noticed by close friends or relatives

Middle stage Alzheimer’s

  • As the disease progress there is difficulty in remembering recently learned information,
  • Confusion deepening (Trouble knowing where they are),
  • Problems with sleep

Late stage Alzheimer’s

  • Poor ability to think and speak
  • Have repeated conversations
  • Patient is more abusive,anxious,or paranoid


The condition is diagnosed on the basis of medical history and behavioral observation from closed one. CT, MRI, SPECT or PET Scan can be used for exclusion of other pathology.

Ayurveda Management

Alzhiemer’s disease in Ayurveda The Alzhiemer’s disease is considered under the umbrella of Vata Vyadhi and more precisely Smriti Kshaya. The various treatments that are used in the condition depend on the individual case.

  • As initial treatment Snehana, Swedana of extreme intensity(Pizhichil) along with Basti schedule (Karma, Kala, Yoga Basti, Yapana) is adopted depending on the basis of individual condition.
  • The various formulations that are used are -Rajayapanabasti, Saghrita Tikta Ksheera Basti. The various types of Murdha Taila (Shiro Basti, Shiropichu,

       Shiro Dhara, Shiroabhyanga) are also beneficial.

  • The Basti treatment (Tikta Ksheera Basti)is followed by the Nasya Karma (Tarpana). This treatment can be repeated as per the need for twice or thrice a year.
  • The less rigorous treatment comprises of Pinda Swedana, Shirodhara, Matra Basti followed by 7 days course of Nasya Karma.
  • As palliative care Sarvanga Abhyanga including Shiro-abhyanga (self administered at home as daily regime) with Ushna Udaka Snana along with Pratimarsha Nasya is must.
  • This treatment is accompanied along with the use oforal medication as per the need of individual case.

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