Ginger as medicine

Ginger as medicine

Ginger, commonly called as Shunthi .

  • It has got the property of dilatation of blood vessels .Therefore it is one of the best medicine which can be used in cases of obstructions of blood vessels. Decrease in blood supply to legs is common in smokers. Ginger prevents gangrene in smokers, aged persons, obese persons by improving peripheral blood circulation.
  • Clotting of blood vessels is common cause for heart attack and paralysis. Aggregation of platelets is promoting factor for such clotting. Ginger prevents platelet adhesions thereby prevents blood clotting inside the vessels. It’s more relevant in present day scenario where number of cardiac cases are surging. There is no doubt that patients consuming anticoagulant drug aspirin daily can take ginger internally.
  • It has been proved scientifically that after consumption of ginger, blood pressure was under control for several hours. There is no any evidence to show any unwanted interactions between ginger and other drugs used for other ailments.
  • A trial had been conducted on 261 arthritis patients with severe joint pain for 6 weeks .Pain was reduced significantly as published by American herbal association.
  • The juice extract of ginger consumed in first 3 months of pregnancy prevented vomiting. 250gm of ginger was administered in various occasions. Ginger powder 1gm can also be administered several times per day.
  • The oil extracted from dry ginger has antiseptic properties. Application of ginger oil reduces cough, pain abdomen, muscle spasm, tiredness in legs and improves blood circulation to the organs.
  • It reduces fever by antipyretic properties.
  • Also useful in preventing atherosclerosis ,the changes in blood vessels which may provoke heart attack or hemiplegia by thrombosis .
  • It increases urine output and helps in reducing oedema.
  • Varicose veins are contributions of profession of long standing nature.Ginger separates the fibrin deposited in varicose veins.
  • Ginger inhibits prostaglandin production, which is the main culprit for pain. Indicating this analgesic property, Charakacharya, therefore included ” Shunthi “in the group of “Shulaprashamana varga “.
  • Ginger
    Ginger medicine

    The only contraindications for excess consumption of ginger are first 3months of pregnancy and gall stones. Ginger increases bile secretions and flow.

Ginger is the best available medicine used for preventon and management of many disorders like arthritis, hypertension, vomiting, heart diseases, paralysis, fever etc, even along with other medications of various systems. Ginger can be used in powder form or juice extract for better results.1-5 gm of Powder can be dissolved in hot water, butter milk, or milk and cosumed internally after food, once or twice daily. Ginger is now a proved ancient medicine can be used in the form of food.