Sutika Abhyanga (Post Natal Massage)

Ayurveda believes that post-delivery there is an aggravation of Vata dosha.

Due to the delivery of the baby, there is a void left behind and Vata finds an opportunity to fill that void. Unless Vata dosha is pacified, it tends to cause a local aggravation in the uterus which in turn affects the whole body.

To pacify Vata, along with a Vata pacifying, easily digestible diet, massage is performed with appropriate oil like Dhanwantram oil. Postnatal massage is usually started the fifth or tenth day after a normal vaginal delivery. In the case of a caesarean section, postnatal massage is done after at least 21 days.

The basic method of giving the massage is the same as explained above, but the pressure applied is gentler in comparison. The massage is always done in the morning followed by a warm water bath or warm water bath infused with herbs. Massage given at this time helps the ligaments and muscles that go lax during the pregnancy to firm up. It prevents sagging of the lower abdomen and prevents various Vata disorders that the mother is prone to at this time.