Kokila Varthi

Kokila VarthiKokila Varthi (wick)-preparation 

It’s one of the important medicinal Anjana (collyrium) preparations mentioned in Ayurveda classical texts.

Triphala Kashaya preparation 

Haritaki,Amalaki and Vibhitaki are taken in equal quantities and four times of water added. Then boiled over mild fire to reduce it 1/4th part.Then filtered and collected in a vessel.

Kokila Varthi ingredients 

  1. Saindhava Lavana
  2. Louha Bhasma
  3. Triphala churna (Powders of Terminalia chebula,Terminalia bellerica,Emblica officinalis )
  4. Trikatu churna (Powders of Ginger,Piper nigrum,Piper longum)
  5. Souviranjana (Stibnite or antimonite or sulphide of lead)

All the above ingredients are taken in equal quantities, grinded and pasted with sufficient quantity of Triphala Kashaya to make it a semisolid paste.


In refractive error cases, especially very effective in simple myopia or shortsightedness.


  • This Varthi (Wick) is rubbed with honey or water and applied over the inner aspect of lower eyelids as Anjana (collyrium) with a Shalaka or equipment.
  • Then patient should close his eyes and should not blink to prevent direct contact of medicine with ocular surface
  • All features of irritation,watering,burning sensation appear and gradually subsides.
  • After subsiding of these features (may take several minutes) eyes should be washed with pure cold water properly, so that no medicine should be left over in the eye.