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Suvarna Prashan – Benefits

  • It improves the Grasping power, Analysis power and Recall memory
  • Increase the digestion power of the body
  • Swarna bhasma has moisturizing & unctuous effect on body
  • It’s a very good immunity booster
  • Improves complexion and growth of the body
  • Does Detoxification of the body
  • 100 ml x 5 Units

  • 20% Discount


The word “ Suvarna Prashana” is a combination of two words – “Suvarna” and “Prashana”.  The term Swarna is a common word and refers to the noble metal Gold. Prashana refers to the act of eating / consuming / ingesting. Swarnaprashana hence refers to the act of consuming or ingesting gold in the prescribed dose and quantity in the suggested manner. This activity is also sometimes referred to as Swarna Bindu Prashana or Suvarna prashan . Swarnaprashana sanskar is one of the sixteen essential Sanskarsdescribed for children.

In the world of medicines with harmful side effects, genetically modified food, chemically treated drinks, busy lifestyle, electronic distractions and unpredictable environment, it is a challenge for parents to help kids become strong and sharp. Swarna Prashana is a natural remedy which is time tested, is being practiced for 1000’s of years by our ancestors  and that builds overall health and intelligence naturally without causing any harmful side effects.

Today it is popularly known as an ayurvedic immunization program or “ayurvedic way of vaccination” promoted by many ayurvedic professionals. It is sometimes known by other names like, Swarna amruta prashana, Swarna prashana, Swarna prashan, Swarn prashan, Swarna bindu prashana or Suvarna prashan.

Swarna prashana which has been explained in the classical texts of Ayurveda is an activity carried out for enhancing the growth and development in young children. Gold or Swarna is considered as a one of those metals which have good benefits on the body when consumed internally. The knowledge & uses of Swarna Prashana is extensively explained in the texts of Ayurveda. Know more.

Additional information

Net Quantity

100 ml x 5 units

Dosage Instruction

Birth to 1 Year : 2 Drops
1 to 16 Years : 4 Drops

Time and duration to give Suvarna Prashana

Every day Morning in the empty stomach or On the day of Pushya Nakshatra. The drops should be given by the parents to the baby in empty stomach.

Age of Children who can take Suvarna Prashana

From birth up to the age of 16 years.

Ingredients of Suvarna Prashana

Ash of Gold, Vacha, Shankha Pushpi, Brahmi, Guduchi satva, Yashti madhu, Ashwagandha, Ghee and Honey.

For what period it should be done

Daily dose of Swarna bindu prashana should be given for minimum of 6 months to maximum of birth to till 16 years should be given.
Monthly once for minimum of 30 Months to maximum of every month till 16 years on Pushya nakshatra day should be given( Pushya Nakshatra day comes once in 27 days)

12 reviews for Suvarna Prashana – Pack of 5 (100 ml x 5)

  1. (12)

    Golu singh

    I used Prasadini swarnaprasha daily to my child.very much beneficial.

  2. (12)

    Rajaneesh Goel

    Best swarnaprasha for kids.Good results…

  3. (12)

    Himamshu Vyas

    I have used this product for my son with autism.Good results.My son improved well

  4. (12)


    Good product with reasonable price.Cost is negligible if we consider benefits

  5. (12)

    Fathima Samreen

    My son was suffering from repeated cold attacks.Now he is recovering well by using Prasadini Swarnaprasha.

  6. (12)

    Kaustubh Srivastav

    Good product,with good results.I used this to my daughter with autism.

  7. (12)

    Roshni Jyskhwo

    I got good benefits with this for my child.

  8. (12)


    Good product.Used for my child.

  9. (12)


    My child was suffering from recurring fever.Episodes of fever significantly reduced after giving swarnaprasha of Prasadini.

  10. (12)


    Very good product compared to other.I tried with many other,got benefits only by Prasadini Swarnaprasha

  11. (12)

    Lakshmi Prasad Yadav

    Excellent results.But cost is little high.

  12. (12)


    Cost is high.product good

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